Sailing with the Vrijheid and Alexandra 
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On board of our ships, you can optimally repose in an extraordinary setting. Sail towards the horizon, enjoy a fresh wind blowing through your hair, and forget about time for a moment. Those who love to sail actively may learn some new sailing techniques and may actively assist the crew on board. Whether you are alone, with friends or family, an outing on board of a ship is the ideal way of forgetting one’s worries.

Away for a day or a weekend.

Actively assist the crew on board, relax while enjoying the sun, take the time to read that one good book. All is possible. Explore the Dutch Wadden or the Frisian Lakes. Discover the beautiful towns around the Ijsselmeer and the beauty of the surrounding nature. During the evening you will have an excellent opportunity to have a good talk. These are most important ingredients for the perfect day or weekend away.

Experts in group outings.

Are you looking for an original idea for your vacation? Have you considered us as your partner and embarking one of our traditional sailing ships? Together with your children you can sail, for example, a robust clipper. The beautiful, panoramic views will create a perfect ambiance. You can already book your own sailing ship with a group that consists of minimally 8 persons.

Our ships, your accommodation.

Our ships actually look a lot like sailing holiday homes. The only things different, are those magnificent views that constantly change. Each ship has its own charm and character. They are all have a beautifully decorated kitchen in which you may cook yourselves using the groceries you brought with you or ordered.  But you may also let us cater you.



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